Tree Lopping Melbourne

Tree lopping in Melbourne is all about removing large side branches. It is usually done when the tree poses a threat to the property and neighboring areas. When some branches have made their way into the roof and are adding rubble to your rain gutter, tree lopping may be needed. This tree care service is also required when dead branches have to be cut to save the entire tree.

Removing branches with tree lopping melbourne

Experience Branch Removal Arborists

Tree lopping requires experience and skill to remove branches without damaging the tree and limiting its natural growth. Incorrect lopping could create more problems for the tree. It might become more vulnerable to starvation when lots of leaves are eliminated or decay due to the cuts left by rough cutting. Incorrectly removing branches can also cause unnecessary injury when preformed with a lack of tree care experience.

Benefits To Trimming Your Trees

There are also other benefits to tree lopping for the benefit of the tree. When your trees grow to large in a small area it can cause a lack of air to the inner leaves, twigs and branches causing the tree to have less access to carbon dioxide and slowing the rate of photosynthesis.

This may not mean much to some but it can greatly effect the trees efficiency to flower and fruit. Removing some of the outer or inner branch will help the tree become a better more beautiful organism that produces more smiles and more fruit.

Rules and Regulations

You also need to be aware of the local policies and regulations before you get your trees lopped. Some trees are protected by law. The fines for cutting a protected tree can be crippling. Lopping certain species of trees can be considered a crime, so checking the local policies and regulations in your area before doing anything is a must. An arborist in Melbourne knows the rules that should be observed, so you can trust them to do the job.

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